Meet Tim, Experienced HVAC Service Technician at R&D Plumbing and Heating

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Meet Tim Ketterer, HVAC Service Technician at R&D Plumbing and Heating. Tim started his R&D Plumbing and Heating career ten years ago and has a bright future ahead.

It’s tough to put into words Tim’s importance, but the reason we’re featuring him on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for his efforts. Tim has quite the reputation amongst employees who know him as well as among our clients.

What makes Tim unique is that he routinely foresees the client’s needs and ensures that they’re met, making him extremely loved by clients. He ensures that clients know exactly what their options are and educates them so that they feel comfortable knowing that they are making the right decisions.

He invariably goes the extra mile, works very hard, takes the initiative, and makes R&D Plumbing and Heating look good by being honest with clients. Tim has also taken on a leadership role and helps out in training by running and participating in training sessions. He is willing to work long hours at times, which keeps him away from his young family.

I remember this one time that I was away, and a daily training was scheduled from 8 am to 8.30 am, so Jena our Operation Manager was doing the training and the guys were not paying attention like they should have been. Tim stepped up and helped with the training session and got the guys back on track. I as the owner was very impressed by Tim's take charge attitude.

I believe that Tim has genuine care and love for R&D Plumbing and Heating, and we absolutely love the integrity with which he works, which is why we believe that Tim is irreplaceable.

When we asked him about why he loves working with us, he grinned and said: “It has been an enjoyable experience working at R&D Plumbing and Heating. Over the past ten years, we have grown and improved our service tremendously and are proud of what we do.”

Tim isn’t wrong!

At R&D Plumbing and Heating, we take great pride in providing the best plumbing and heating in Lloydminster, AB. We have built a solid reputation for reliability and service excellence that has been established over the past thirty years. We use our experience to help determine the best plumbing and heating option for you and your home by offering excellent residential and commercial plumbing and heating services across Lloydminster, Vermilion, Lashburn, Maidstone and Bonnyville Cold Lake.

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Meet Tim, Experienced HVAC Service Technician at R&D Plumbing and Heating