Air Exchangers in Lloydminster, AB

The experts at R&D Plumbing and Heating in Lloydminster, AB use their years of experience to help determine the best air exchanger option for you and your home.

Houses built today are sealed tighter and are more efficient than they were years ago; however this causes them to trap stale air indoors, which can lead to possible health issues and poor air quality.

How can you fix the air quality issues in your home?

Installing a Fantech HRV can greatly improve the quality of air you breathe inside your home. Fantech HRV systems use balanced ventilation technology, this will replace stale air from inside your house with an identical amount of fresh air. Benefits of balanced ventilation are that it does not draw pollutants into you living space, faster dilution of pollutants, and better fresh air distribution.

Fantech HRV systems are well suited for any size of home from a small condo to a large multi-family house. The HRV system can fit almost anywhere such as a closet as small as 24 inches.

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